Seattle, Washington March 25, 2000

Summary of Taigi Judging

The Seattle Ki Society would like to thank all those participants in the 2000 US Open Taigi Competition held this March. We hope to continue to encourage your involvement to further improve our understanding and mastery of taigi. This year we had 66 performances, 16 more than last year! As the judges mentioned in their closing remarks, the execution of taigi has continued to improve. After reviewing all judges' score sheet, I have compiled a summary of the results that may provide suggestions on areas for improvement.

- Susan Grigsby

Kitei Taigi

1. For the general points, 16 pairs received all points.
2. For the technical points, only two pairs got all points.
3. For correct time, four pairs got all points for completing the taigi within 2 seconds of the alloted time:
Geoff Minerbo & John Soriano
Paul Leffingwell & Rob Hafferd
Jason Yee Loy & Abel Villacorte
Andrew Wolff & Jason Zigler

Additionally, eight pairs got half the time points for completing within 5 seconds of the alloted time:

Paul Orcutt & Rebecca Latsios
Jason Zigler & Andrew Wolff
Rebecca Latsios & Paul Orcutt
Kerrie Andow & Kagan Arik
Michael Little & Pat Olstad
Jill Miyamoto & Derek Nabel
Dan Duyungan & Paul Schoenfeld
Salih Qawi & Kagan Arik

Timing differences among the judges were rare, and were mostly within 1 second of each other.

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The awards were determined differently this year. First, we had a new award, the USA Award, which required participation by the nage in all three taigi categories: kitei, sentaku, and weapons. To be eligible for this award the participants had to complete at least one taigi from each category. Two taigi from sentaku or weapons may also be done, with the highest scoring taigi from that category counting toward the overall points. So the USA Award was determined from the score of kitei, plus the highest scoring taigi from sentaku, and the highest scoring taigi from weapons. And the winner was:
Scott Bohart & Court Wing, III (uke) Total points: 26.23
Kitei: 8.53
Taigi #8: 8.90
Taigi #22: 8.80
The top ten scoring taigi were determined only from the individual taigi score, after dropping the scores earned by the USA Award (Scott's scores), and any other previous winner. For example, Cathy Dea had the highest scoring taigi, so the rest of her scores were dropped in awarding the following places. These top ten were earned from a variety of taigi.

The order of the top 10 winners:

Place Team Score Taigi
1st Cathy Dea & Raina Takumi 9.22 Taigi 25/26 (Bokken)
2nd Court Wing, III & Scott Bohart 8.83 Taigi #8
3rd Geoff Minerbo & John Soriano 8.70 Taigi #24
4th Michael Little & Pat Olstad 8.45 Taigi 25/26 (Bokken)
5th John Soriano & Paul Orcutt 8.13 Taigi #9
6th Derek Nabel & Jill Miyamoto 7.93 Taigi #2
7th Abel Villacorte & Derek Nabel 7.90 Taigi #14
8th Rebecca Latsios & John Soriano 7.87 Taigi #8
9th Paul Leffingwell & Rob Hafferd 7.70 Kitei Taigi
10th Paul Orcutt & John Soriano 7.60 Taigi #1
  • The Cascade Award for Best uke went to Paul Orcutt. He also gets congratulations for participating in the most taigi, four as nage, and seven as uke!
  • The Bumbrella Award for Most Inspired Performance went to John Sorian and Rebecca Latsios
  • The University Team Award: went to the University of Kansas (Paul Leffingwell, Jason Zigler, and Andrew Wolff)
Congratulations to Court Wing, Cathy Dea, Paul Orcutt, and Michael Little for participating in four taigi as nage.

Congratulations also to both John Soriano and Abel Villacorte for being runners-up to Paul Orcutt for participating in the most taigi (both did three as nage and seven as uke!).

In addition, we would like to congratulate the kids who also participated in a Sunday demonstration with a roomfull of adults watching!

Artemesia Garnica
Gregory Reichel
Clare Maye
Noel Sherrard
Great job kids!

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